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Again, and again, and again…

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The movie Groundhog Day contains some significant business and life lessons.

Perhaps that’s hard to believe. When the movie came out in 1993 it was met with a tepid box office and ho-hum reviews. And there’s the first lesson. A venture that’s not an immediate commercial success can still have staying power. In fact, it’s being “repurposed” as a musical in 2017. Seriously. And, in fact, it’s been deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the U.S. Film Registry.

So, let’s forget about the little furry animal and his shadow today and explore why the film has remained popular for more than 20 years and what we can all learn from it.

  1. Sometimes relationships don’t survive great work. Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, once the closest of friends, became estranged after working together. No one knows exactly why. At least they were able to meet and bond again before Ramis died.
  2. Getting out of a hole (repeat patterns in ones life) can only happen when you learn to live in the moment, care less about yourself than others, and surrender yourself to circumstances. Yes…that sounds sort of cosmic, but I think it’s true. So, stop it with the selfies and do something nice for someone else today. And maybe someone as hot as Andie MacDowell will fall in love with you too.
  3. A movie can be more than vapid entertainment. It can bring you back to a different time in your life and you can learn valuable lessons over again. In fact, it inspired this blog post and made me think about my own groundhog days. (I think I’ll change my wake-up alarm tomorrow and stop making the same mistakes over and over.) By the way, repetition is good for marketing. See the link, below.
  4. Even a job you hate can lead to new experiences and insights. Once you surrender yourself to being stuck for a while, you begin to see new things around you and experiment with different solutions. (How long was Phil stuck? It’s a subject of much debate.)
  5. Falling in love with your boss can work, as long as you both know what you’re getting into. I love this scene where Rita describes her perfect guy. (Here are some real life power couples who met at work — but not in a time loop.)

I plan to re-watch the movie tonight myself. And, if you’d like you can read this blog tomorrow…and the day after…and the day after…

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Why repetition is good for marketing.




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