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The 100 Years Club Installment #78: The First 30 Days of My Hot Woman Summer

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I have long been a fan of the listicle.

So, here I am, roughly 30 days into summer (because I started counting on June 6th), and I just returned from the first leg of my “Hot Woman Summer” adventures.

I will offer 30 things I’ve learned about hitting the road with a one-way ticket.

Although my primary focus these days is people of my generation, many of these learnings apply to anyone who is (or aspires to be) a digital nomad.

You can also check out my travel website for more tips.

These 30 are a mixture of basic common sense & some stuff you might not normally think about but I learned throughout my journey:

  1. Ask yourself (frequently), “Why the hell not?” Be open to new experiences and adventures.
  2. Be fearless. Take a risk (or two or three).  But don’t be totally wacky.
  3. Pack light. I’m still learning this one. My next trip will be just with a carry-on.
  4. Use packing cubes. They keep things tidy, especially when you’re staying in multiple places. These are my favorites. I showed my eight-year-old granddaughter how to “squish” them; she thought it was super cool, especially when I gave her and her younger brother some money for helping me pack. (She told her brother she would hold his money for him, but I’m a little skeptical, especially because he didn’t ask for a receipt.)
  5. Pack an umbrella or poncho. Dashing through a downpour is no fun.
  6. Pack bandaids. All that walking can take its toll. Be sure to bring at least two pairs of shoes.
  7. Mix it up. I went from suburban to rural to urban to suburban and back to urban. The change of locations and hotels kept me from boredom. I realized once again that I love to drive. If this writing/podcasting/coaching thing doesn’t work out, I could be a chauffeur or Uber driver.
  8. Balance work and play. I got most of my business done in the early morning, freeing up my days and nights.
  9. Avoid stress.  This one is essential! See #13. I am learning to keep my cortisol levels in check.
  10. Welcome a culture fix. I took myself to the theater one night to see a great play. I wasn’t lonely at all. A random woman even struck up a conversation while we were waiting to go in.
  11. Live music and quirky events abound in the summer. Check out local calendars.
  12. Exercise, and don’t let your eating habits go entirely to hell. I splurged on my final day (see #22), but otherwise, I was very mindful of my healthy habits, attended a few workout classes, and walked a ton!
  13. Get comfortable with uncertainty and discomfort. You may think you have a plan, but shit happens. I cut my trip six days short because a friend flaked out. I just pivoted (as they say).
  14. When you have a bad day, shake it off. I had a couple of moments of deep loneliness and angst. Remind yourself how lucky you are to be free(ish).
  15. Find those hidden gems. One of my best meals (wings and local beer) was at a dive bar in Odenton, Maryland. It was in the middle of a residential area; one of those places you would never find without Google and Waze. Mid-wings, I was hit on by a random handsome 40-something-year-old crypto dude, which was flattering, but acting on it would have fallen into the category of wacko (see #2)
  16. Get to know the front desk staff. You don’t have to be weird about it, but be friendly, especially if you’re staying in a hotel for a few days.
  17. Speak up when you’re not having a great experience at a hotel. Avoid staging a meltdown in the lobby, but management will often give you a concession if the service is less than ideal.
  18. Wait until the last minute to make plans. I booked two of my hotels a day before I arrived and scheduled my return flight during my final week back east.
  19. Make time to see friends and family. When you’re passing through an area, think about who you might know who would be fun to hang out with for a little while.
  20. When visiting your kids and grandkids, make yourself useful. Ask, “What can I do to make your life easier?” You want to be a welcome guest and not a burden.
  21. Be mindful of your spending, but…
  22. Splurge a little. My “last lunch” was a no-roll lobster roll at a lovely outdoor restaurant (that even had real tablecloths!). After all, I was on the East Coast.
  23. If you’re single, don’t be afraid to switch your settings on the dating apps to travel mode. You never know who you might meet — even if it’s just a new friend, dinner companion, or business connection.
  24. Take pictures. Duh!
  25. Journal. I live a mostly paper-free life, so I did it in Canva. See below.
  26. If you find yourself lonely or bored, call a friend back home and make fun plans for your return.
  27. Book your next adventure. One way to minimize post-travel blues is to have your next trip already booked.
  28. Use the time between your trips to accomplish the boring stuff in your life like doctor’s appointments, haircuts, etc.
  29. Unpack and do laundry as soon as you get back. You’ll feel so efficient!
  30. Reflect on what you learned! 

My next adventure may be a staycation in Scottsdale over the holiday weekend.

I also have a journey to Iowa planned (to visit a friend and prove that all the “I” states have something interesting going on—even for this die-hard NY girl). I’ve been to Illinois and Indiana. Let’s see what’s happenin’ in Des Moines!

After all, Why the hell not?

P.S. I’m re-branding my podcast this fall. If you haven’t voted yet, please help me pick a name.

Just click on any or all of my “travel notebooks” for a day-by-day summary of my adventures. And if you’re REALLY interested, just reach out and I’ll send you the slow-mo versions. 🙂






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  1. Yes and yes and an emphatic YES!! Loved your advice so much and also find it to be true.


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