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The 100 Years Club Installment #16: The Helpful Month & The 12 Behaviors You’ll See in June

Reading Time: 5 minutes As May ends, I re-read my “help” series and think about how writing it may have helped me. (I sure hope it helped you too!) I wrote about: The 3 categories of help Self-help Helping others How to ask for (and really get) help — and how not to meddle or annoy I went through […]


The 100 Years Club Installment #9: 10 Ways to Live to 100

Reading Time: 4 minutes No guarantees, of course! But, if we’re going to be part of “The 100 Years Club” (the 4M people who will live to be 100+ by 2030), these are 10 ways to help us get there. When you think about “spring cleaning,” look inward first. Your closet can wait a week or two. Brain Power […]