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The 100 Years Club Installment #71: Retreat

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Retreat can mean running away.

But, in this case, it means running towards.

Retreats are gatherings of people who put aside their day-to-day work and thoughts (at least in theory) and gather with others to communicate, celebrate, enjoy shared experiences, and perhaps even leave with epiphanies (or mipiphanies—micro-epiphanies—as I call them).

I confess…I’m a bit of a lone wolf (or a lone she-wolf).

Although I sit on a board, host curated local dinners, and attend a wide range of professional and social activities, I tend to prefer business conferences to retreats.

This year alone, I’ve attended the Fancy Food Show, Expo West, RacquetX, Fat Brands Summit, a Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce breakfast, and many other social events revolving around specific groups or interests.

But now, let’s get back to the retreat.

It was deliberately not called a retreat, however. Quest was a gathering, a collective, or simply an “experience.” It was designed to help us (an eclectic band of women >50) spend a few minutes looking in the “rear view mirror” so we could map out the rest of our long lives.

Quest highlights included:

  • Pre-event “homework.” I had to find a picture of myself as a little girl, an object that had special meaning to me, and a few songs for the playlist.
  • The venue itself. I’d never been to that part of the planet, and my trip there   enhanced the “experience.”
  • We indulged in woo-woo celebratory moments. Dancing, lighting sparklers, writing down our goals, and planting them under a tree were all part of the festivities. When in Rome…
  • Meeting some AMAZING women, some of whom will be guests on my podcast this year.
  • Creative connections and inspo. I attended the screening of Melissa Davey’s fabulous new film about a woman who scaled El Capitan at 66. I also met Sky Bergman, another filmmaker > over 50 (who brought her mother to the event). Being in the company of these two women and other creatives (photographers, writers, etc.) fed my soul.
  • I finally met Janine Vanderburg, who has been a podcast guest and is helping raise awareness of (and prevent/eliminate) ageism in the workplace,
  • As “The Geezer-Proofer,” I led a workshop about sex and tech for women over 50. (The people in the next room said they could hear the howls of laughter through the wall.) The workshop prompted me to write and record another comedy gig. Watch for details.
  • Tidbits of brilliance from each speaker and workshop. So much terrific content!
  • Last but definitely not least…I truly admire the boldness and dedication of Diana Place, who organized the event (which was no small undertaking) and runs a year-round group for women of a certain age.

Attending events like this is a groovy part of what I call my “post-60 adventure map.”

Whether I’m physically going places I’ve never been before or simply indulging in a weird new local experience, “retreating” (into your thoughts or a new community and/or running away from things that no longer serve you well) is a key part of transformation, evolution, and what some people are calling “rewirement.”

But, I’m now retreating into my apartment, head, and “day job” for a while.

In a few short weeks, I’ll be on the road again! Join me on my journeys! You can subscribe to my monthly content here!



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  1. Melissa Davey

    Beautifully stated Nancy…so great to meet you!


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