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The 100 Years Club Installment #66: My Quarterly Review

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I’ve previously written about skills I learned in corporate life that I’ve carried over to my entrepreneurial and personal habits.

(I’ve also abandoned some of my nasty habits, learning to trade in success at all costs for more EQ…at least some of the time.)

One useful takeaway from the days of dark wood furniture, high stress, and hours spent justifying my existence is the quarterly review system. It’s a time to reflect on:

  • What did I accomplish in the past 90 days?
  • What were some of the key learnings?
  • How will I translate that into second-quarter adjustments and successes?

But, unlike those intense quarterly reporting sessions in the business world, I don’t have “management” to be accountable to. Even if you’re your own boss, continuous improvement can be a part of your life and process.

The result of my musings is this simple chart. It’s a mix of positives and missteps.

Of course, this doesn’t fully capture EVERYTHING I did between January and March, but it encapsulates the major highlights.

I also thoroughly review my finances to ensure that I’m spending my money in ways that make me more money, brings me and others joy, and/or helps me become healthier and wiser.

Another key accomplishment this quarter was reaching the “halfway mark” in my annual podcast membership plan. The episodes I’ve completed have met with a good response (except for the weird and nasty trolls who seemed to find me on YouTube). Want to be a guest next quarter? You know where to find me!

April is an especially good time for “spring cleaning” our lives and stepping away from people, activities, and things that mess up our heads, hearts, and spaces.

(If you’d like a copy of my “Quarterly Review” template, please just reach out and I’ll gladly share!)




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  1. Always good to hear about what works from someone who knows!


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