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The 100 Years Club Installment #74: School’s Out (or Is It?)

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I just watched a video of my grandkids playing at “field day” (now a Ninja-warrior-style compilation of age-appropriate feats of speed, coordination, teamwork, and strength), and it pulled me back to the end of the school year and that feeling of elation and calm.

(I’m recreating that with the “Summer of Nancy” — aka Hot Woman Summer. And, thankfully, I don’t even have to run a relay race!)

Back in our school days, on our final report cards, we got scores on the progress we made since September and the areas for development.

But as 50+ adults, no one gives us that honest feedback. So, we have to self-assess.

Here’s my report card to myself:

  • Tech. Skills (which were already sharp) are vastly improved. Launched podcast after initial hesitation. Up to 35 episodes and has made significant progress on posting Reels and Stories (UGH)! Becoming fluent in AI (as a helper, not a crutch). A+
  • Writing and research. Extensive business writing portfolio. Rapidly produced 100s of pieces on topics ranging from pickleball to retail automation. BTW…my “penmanship” is rapidly deteriorating, but my keyboarding/texting speed has skyrocketed. A+
  • Works and plays well with others. Needs to socialize a bit more. Can still be shy in certain settings. Vastly improved at providing feedback and working with “kids” at different levels. Avoids bullies and mean girls. Volunteered and sat on a Board; led a session on intergenerational collaboration. B+
  • Travel and exploration skills. Should take more risks, but fast- and light packing skills are strong. A-
  • Physical fitness. Great shape and endurance. Needs to lift weights consistently and stay off weight-loss drugs. Good hair and a cool glasses collection 🙂 A-
  • Math. Vastly improved. Spends (mostly) on essentials and experiences. A-
  • Humor and Resilience. A+

Yet, I will enroll myself in “summer school.” What’s my “curriculum?”

It’ll be mostly fun times with family and friends (old and new). But I will also expand my reading list (chick lit, true crime, and the occasional non-fiction, self-help, or biography), teach myself to be a better video editor and digital creator, and seek “tutors” to help me.

I’ve also discovered that my podcast and some recent conversations have propelled me into a whole new world of “Sex Ed” (as we used to call it). I have become the Lois Lane of alternative lifestyle exploration and journalism.

Many people 50+ lived in a vanilla era and are discovering and experimenting with new proclivities and passions, free of judgment and fear. Talk about fun elective coursework! Watch this space and listen to my podcast for more! You can also subscribe here to get my take on dating >50. Talk about a freakish prom!

As you head into summer, think about your report card for the 2023/2024 “school year” and what you still need to do to get to the top of the class (which, thankfully, only exists in our heads now). You can be the valedictorian of your own life!

Happy summer!

Now go chase down that ice cream truck and buy yourself a metaphorical (or real) Good Humor bar!





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