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The 100 Years Club Installment #71: Retreat

Reading Time: 3 minutes Retreat can mean running away. But, in this case, it means running towards. Retreats are gatherings of people who put aside their day-to-day work and thoughts (at least in theory) and gather with others to communicate, celebrate, enjoy shared experiences, and perhaps even leave with epiphanies (or mipiphanies—micro-epiphanies—as I call them). I confess…I’m a bit […]


Route 66 Installment #8: Shades of Green

Reading Time: 3 minutes How much do you love our planet? After all, it’s the only home we have right now. Because my February theme for this series is passion, starting my 66th year on earth with 1,200 people who truly love our planet seemed fitting. I was invited as a guest to the GreenBiz conference, a gathering of […]