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The 100 Years Club Installment #58: Return to the Office

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Although 65% of workers complain about working in a physical space outside their homes, I was actually craving it.

Working solo at my kitchen counter was making me weird and insular. But here’s the good news!

Last week was like the first days of school. I settled into my new workspace at Industrious in Kierland. I’m loving it so far!

A long-time WeWork member, I finally came to terms with the fact that the company has been in a downward spiral for a long time and they never really chose people over profits.  The company was always more focused on being cool and spent more time and energy playing with other WeWorkers than asking their “members” what we wanted.

Over the past 15 years at WeWork, I met a few great people (select community managers —  including some I keep in touch with now — like Brandie Roberts and Johnny Messina).  I love the fact that they still have multiple locations (which is convenient for my Bleisure Living travels), which is why I’m still a member.

But when Industrious opened a new space near my apartment, I jumped at the opportunity to rent a “hot desk.” I can walk to work and I quickly discovered that the brand views itself as a hospitality company rather than just office space.

Why is co-working so wonderful at my age (or any age for that matter)?

  • Community: People gather in the common area for free breakfasts and snacks and have a genuine curiosity about what their co-workers do. Industrious seems to be totally age-blind, which is wonderful for people like me who plan to work well into our 90s.
  • Connections (High-Quality Ones): Everyone who co-works at Industrious has made a financial commitment to the space, so they tend to be real-deal business people rather than dabblers or wannabes.
  • Collabs: I’ve already been asked to be interviewed for a podcast after four days in the office.
  • Comfort: It sure beats my kitchen counter and I’ve even taken to leaving my laptop in my pack when I get home (limiting my “on-call hours” and helping me disconnect which, in turn, leads to better sleep).

The only downside was that my gym schedule went out the window, but I’m working to remedy that. (I’m still perturbed by LIFETIME’s discriminatory policy BTW. I’d love to work out with a trainer twice a week, but they’d rather lose the revenue than see people 65+ in their gym at convenient hours.)

But back to the place where I feel welcome and productive!

Fresh fruit, a flavored water dispenser (Bevi), free coffee, afternoon snacks, and luxurious phone booths are among the many amenities at Industrious and the ambient music is calming and never too loud or distracting. The community manager (Brent) is amazing — warm, welcoming, and committed to making it a terrific workplace for all of us — big brands and solopreneurs (like me).

The amenities are awesome, but the structure to my otherwise random life, the community, and the sense of belonging are ultimately what will contribute to my job satisfaction and overall life happiness.

I can no longer despise or resent my boss (because she is me and has been for the past 20 years). But I can love WHERE I work and that can put a smile on my face every day — hopefully for the next 30+ years!

Some office-related facts:

BGGB.OkeyDokey-fred One of my favorite purchases EVER for co-working! (Prevents neck and shoulder aches and pains and helps you look better on ZOOM and Teams calls too!)
BGGB_ShakingHands How to meet people in co-working spaces. 


If it actually goes through, I hope this is “fixed!” (I experienced it myself!)

BGGB_Pointer Want a tour? Brent (in the cover photo) is your guy! (Just text me before you come so I can say hi.)




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