Bad Girl, Good Business

One Wise, Witty & Wired Woman

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Innovation only happens when people break rules and question authority.

That’s what I (Nancy A. Shenker aka the “Bad Girl”) have always done. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I wasn’t uber-popular as a kid, so I’m used to it. I’d rather be respected and remembered than revered.

Girls are taught from an early age to be good. But we bad ones — the rule-breakers, the ones who question things, the ones who don’t sit idly by and wait for stuff to happen — have more fun, are more creative, and sometimes invent really cool stuff. We say out loud what’s in other people’s heads. We don’t lean in…we sit up straight.

I also follow trends and jump on new bandwagons. Not because they are perceived as cool, but because taking risks and trying new things can change the game. I learned how to use digital media starting in 2003 and I know as much about useful technology as most 20-somethings (even though I’m now close to 60). I use my mad social media skills to build communities and provide useful tips about marketing and business and life in general.

I’m not mean and I don’t break laws. But I have always marched to the tune of a different drummer. It hasn’t hurt me in life or in business. So come join me in being a little bad. It’ll feel really good!