Bad Girl, Good Business

Up Periscope! Down Meerkat?

Video killed the radio star… and Periscope may slaughter Meerkat! I hit “Publish Post” after finishing my last blog…then faster than the blink of a mongoose eye,┬ástats reveal that Twitter’s own app, Periscope has as many users as the newly-launched Meerkat app. Celebrities and news channels are signing up, and citizen journalists used it to […]


Being Meerkatty

First, what’s Meerkat? Meerkats are African animals of the mongoose family who live in groups known as gangs, mobs, or clans. They also apparently make cute chattering sounds. And a different kind of Meerkat (capital M) was all the rage at SXSW. It’s basically an app that allows one to shoot real-time video and post […]