Bad Girl, Good Business

Bisque, Broth, and Booze: The Diet of Champions

Despite medical advances, dentists still pull teeth. Yeah, it seems pretty barbaric. Although 3D printed smiles are on the horizon, they aren’t here yet, and I had to endure an extraction last week. But this post is not all about my health woes.¬† It’s about making lemonade from lemons — or, more appropriate — turning […]


My Night at the Geek Prom

I use the term “geek” with only fondness and admiration. Those of us who love technology are simply drawn to events that feature innovation superstars. This month, hundreds of us gathered at DesTech at the Camelback Marriott to see Steve Wosniak¬†(aka the Woz) ride a Segway to the stage. Although his worth is valued at […]