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The 100 Years Club Installment #73: The Summer of Nancy

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A year ago, I wrote this piece.

It was about what I call Pretirementâ„¢ and the transition primarily to activities that bring me joy. After all, I’ve been working since 1977 (unless you count my college stint at Macy’s or my internship in D.C., in which case it’s 1975 — close to 50 years — 73% of my entire life. A scary thought indeed!)

According to the media, the summer of 2024 has just begun. I’m still grappling with my balance between work and play (especially because summer is pretty much all year round in Arizona).

I find myself meeting more people my age who have totally unplugged from work and spend their time traveling, playing pickleball or golf, or simply ruminating about the next stage of their lives. I’ve also noticed that some retired friends “work shame” me.

Although I truly love what I do, they question why I still do it. Perhaps it comes from a certain sense of guilt or missing out, or maybe they know something I don’t.

Last week’s health scare gave me pause. Perhaps I should re-think my work:play ratio and invest more time in the latter.

I head back east on June 7th for another of my hobobougie excursions. I’ll work from the road, but my work never feels like work. That, in itself, is a change from the previous 49 summers. I plan to:

  1. Do at least ONE new thing every day that ignites my brain and soul.
  2. Say “no” to activities and people that bring me down.
  3. Say “yes” to random invitations, even the ones that frighten me a little.
  4. Make as few plans as possible, just going where the wind takes me (at least for the 20 or so days I’m on the road).
  5. Pack light. (I’m pre-gaming for a trip to Europe next year and am determined to be one of those travelers who stuff everything they need into one or two bags.)
  6. Tune out the voices of others who judge my choices unless I’m doing something seriously dangerous or weird. And, even then, I can’t promise I won’t do those things.
  7. Not feel guilty. Just be in the moment.

Perhaps this will inspire you to create your own list of summer non-resolutions!

I’ve deliberately chosen a picture from my past to illustrate these musings. Although I am mostly looking forward these days, this image captures me at a time when I lived in the moment (barefoot) and possibilities were unlimited.

And so begins the next summer of Nancy!

P.S. If you want to join my “virtual book club,” please follow me on GoodReads. I will be consuming a balance of chick lit and provocative stuff. And, speaking of provocative, I have some juicy podcast episodes coming up!


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  1. Great advice. Sometimes you have to make sure you are caring for yourself!!


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