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It’s pervasive in many aspects of our lives. Especially during this season, people often eat a lot, shop a lot, drink a lot, and engage in all manner of gluttony and over-indulgence.

Say what you will about Twitter and Instagram, they are media that force us to be sparse. A few years ago I moved theONswitch into co-working space, where most office trappings and services are shared. I am selling the family house and thinking of moving into a micro-apartment. As long as I have space for my various electronic devices and my boots and my kitchen supplies, I think I can deal with it.

Living with less (by choice) seems to be a trend. When I travel, I realize how little I really need to be happy. My health, supportive colleagues, clients, and friends, uninterrupted wi-fi and a way to use it, good food and drink, and unique new experiences are pretty much the basics for me.  (And the boots and Kitchen Aid mixer, of course.) What’s on YOUR short list?

NOTE: This is my shortest blog post ever. 216 words! 

Just a few pithy tidbits:

BGGB.OkeyDokey-fred A whopping 4,500 calories?
BGGB_ShakingHands Is tall smarter than short? Height and IQ.
BGGB_Thumbs-Down-fred Brand fails on Twitter. You can ruin a reputation in 140 characters!


BGGB_Pointer Long ad copy isn’t always bad copy.



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  1. Wendi

    Go Nancy go!


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