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The Mad Mad Ad World…

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Mad Men InfographicI’ll miss Mad Men. 

From the first episode on July 19th, 2007 I was hooked. As a tribute to the show (and to the evolution of the industry itself), we created this nifty little infographic (at right).

I never worked for a big ad agency. I interviewed with Grey back in 1978, fresh out of college, copy writing portfolio in hand. The guy who interviewed me (the son of a friend of the family) had a Pete Campbell smugness about him. He was haughty and dismissive and I was demoralized. I didn’t have Peggy’s gumption or desire to bear his love child, so I simply went to work in a different industry (publishing). Then, in my big brand years, I worked (and played) with many an agency. I sat through pitch meetings, I was wined and dined at times, and lived through the drama of budget cuts, management shake-ups, and creative director meltdowns. As the “client,” I got to share in the fun from a safe distance.

I’ve also seen presentation trends come and go. I started out with a slide carousel and now pitch with Prezi. (I do confess…I used to like writing on acetates in the middle of a presentation. No technology can replace the smell of those markers!) A little nostalgia is good for the soul.

So, pour yourself a big martini and click through some of these fun facts about the mad men (and women) of the advertising and brand marketing world!



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