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Happy leap day!

Because we get an extra day this month, I’ve decided to do another “report to the invisible board” on what I learned over the past 28+ days.

I hope the Shareholders (i.e., my blog readers) approve and gain some wisdom/perspective too.

In February I learned (in no particular order)…

  1. List posts are very effective (but shouldn’t be overdone)
  2. My personal posts perform way better than business-y ones.
  3. True friends will always remember and celebrate special occasions and reach out when times are tough.
  4. Google+ is pretty worthwhile for certain things. (But you’ll have to get in touch with me to find out what.)
  5. LinkedIn is also a great tool for connecting with new people.
  6. I need to listen better. And speak less sometimes. I don’t always have to be right.
  7. Anger and anxiety are probably the two worst emotions…they get in the way of productivity and peace.
  8. I learned¬†to use some new apps. I’m more committed than ever to learning how to code this year.
  9. Although moving (as in office space) is never fun, it can lead to new connections and opportunities.
  10. Hiring a great photographer is always a good investment. (Thanks Darryl!)
  11. Sleep is super-important.
  12. Some great millennial professionals are out there. Boomers who dismiss the entire group are missing-out on learning and evolving.
  13. We all have to forgive rather than fester.
  14. Great leaders allow their people to fail sometimes. That’s how people learn.
  15. I also learned a bunch of random things through my blogging — like the history of popcorn in movie theaters and the background of the making of Groundhog Day. And I now know lots of trivia sources on the web.
  16. Writers still get paid by the word sometimes. (Thank you to the publications that still do it!)
  17. I can burn an extra 1,000 calories a day, just by walking instead of Uber-izing.
  18. Smiling goes a long way.
  19. The fastest-growing group on Facebook is the 65+ population.
  20. Facebook and Twitter advertising can be very effective sometimes — you just have to know how to target well.
  21. The direct mail list rental business is still alive and well. (We researched lists for one of our clients this month.)
  22. New clients can come from anywhere — but the best ones are still referrals. Nothing new there…just re-confirmed.
  23. I still remember how to hold a baby. (I became a grandmother at the end of last month)
  24. A well-designed pitch to the right journalist can still result in great media coverage.
  25. Pictures and video are dominating social media. (I’m presenting on the topic at the Nightclub & Bar show next month.)
  26. Snapchat is now being used effectively by brands.
  27. Sometimes you just have to go missing for a while.
  28. Community is way more important than content. But the right content directed at the right community is the key to marketing (duh!)
  29. Passion for what you do is key…not just during the month of love, but all year!

So, let’s all end February with some learning and a leap and start March with a roar.




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