Bad Girl, Good Business

Fizzled Out

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A couple of people actually noticed that I haven’t written for six days.

That makes me happy. I’m not pleased that I haven’t written, but I’m delighted I was missed.

We all have those weeks when work volume and  the noise in the world around us — business, family, travel, deadlines, technology — simply take their toll. And no matter how organized and committed to planning and time-management we are…KABOOM! Schedules and intentions  vanish in a puff of toxic smoke and dust.

But when I returned to my office and some semblance of a routine, I realized that I can go missing for a little while and the world keeps moving. In fact, my profile views on LinkedIn actually went up while I was gone. In this digital world, the “me” on the screen lives on even though the physical me is busy doing other things. I think that’s pretty cool. I should go missing more often.

P.S. I published this little tidbit on “busy-ness” once before, but I have to remember to read it every week!





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