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Go to Sleep!

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I love napping.

Apparently, it’s going to help me live longer too. Many of us are sleep-deprived these days. And a just-published study shows that 35% of people (that’s one out of three Americans) don’t get enough sleep. Reading all these scary reports is enough to keep me up at night.

In fact, too much thinking is one of the 10 reasons why people can’t sleep. Hormones, hunger, and light from our electronic devices are all on the list too.

Not getting enough sleep will ultimately make you fat, ugly, depressed, and forgetful. (Those aren’t exactly the terms scientists use, but I’m summarizing the findings.) It will also impair your judgment, so you’ll think you’re getting enough sleep.

Rather than bragging about how we can function on four or five hours a night (as I used to do in my corporate days), we should be thinking about how we can structure our lives and our bedtime patterns to squeeze in a few more Z’s.

I’d rather work with a bunch of pleasant and well-rested people than irritable ones with sallow skin and poor memories.

P.S. Before I wrote this post, I took a nap!

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