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Change Pox: An old disease that lives on in all of us

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It’s like shingles (but not)

Shingles is one of those creepy diseases that lives on in ones body and “comes alive” when someone is faced with stress or a compromised immune system. Many of us think that we’ve completely recovered from past experiences, beliefs and habits. But then we encounter something dramatic (sudden change in our business or personal lives, a new challenge, stressful circumstances) and are overcome by a case of “change pox.”

Sometimes you can feel it coming on. Here’s how successful leaders prepare themselves to deal with it.

Think you might have change pox? How does it manifest itself? Everyone is different.

  • Some people simply pull the covers over their heads and retreat to their comfort zones.
  • Others seek out fellow sufferers and they kvetch (complain) endlessly.
  • The stoic pox victims will face their new challenge with determination and resilience. They commit to moving forward, knowing that they’ll eventually recover and put the nasty disease into remission again. (I recently started following Tim Ferriss. Although I’m not yet working a 4-hour week, I find his philosophy and hacks energizing and inspirational.) Resilient pox sufferers also make a point of hanging out with people who are “healthy” and who inspire us to heal faster.

Change is often inevitable. That virus is always alive. Only you can choose whether to whine and moan or to push yourself towards rapid recovery.

These facts may change your mind about change…

BGGB.OkeyDokey-fred How do you know if you’re a “change master?”
BGGB.OkeyDokey-fred Use your brain to change your age. Love this one!
BGGB_Thumbs-Down-fred Why do people resist change?
BGGB_Pointer Some people literally live in the past. Check them out!








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