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Write or Wrong? Is the Pen Dead?

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Writing skills used to be super-important

I received some resumes yesterday and the cover “letters” read more like bad tweets than pitch notes. I’ve noticed recently that, although I’ve always written,  I struggle now to come up with more than 250 words of prose (unless I’m analyzing new products, writing a website, or talking about my long life). And my penmanship (remember that?) is not quite as tidy as it once once (although I’m a beast when it comes to swiping on my Android or tapping the keyboard keys).

Education media goes so far as to say we have a “writing crisis” in America. Yet, I don’t see mass protests in the streets. Sadly, the illiteracy rate in American hasn’t changed in ten years.

The average writer’s salary is $51K. Compensation and benefits managers (the people who decide how much other people get paid) earn an average of $119K. And the people who put other people to sleep (anesthesiologists) bring in a whopping $246K.

So, although we may all agree that knowing how to communicate through the written word is a valuable skill, we live in a world where it isn’t taught well or rewarded.

And now I’m at roughly 200 words, so I’m going to sign-off and go back to tweeting and making memes (and searching for a marketing associate who still knows how to write!)

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