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Are you hiding under the covers?

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Hunkering down under blankets (literally and metaphorically) feels safe and warm.

It was really cold in New York on Monday (a holiday). So I stayed inside most of the day.

Similarly, when the air in the business environment gets cold and blustery, many people retreat to their comfort zones. Sudden or massive change, a downturn in business, or simply free-floating anxiety can prompt even the most resilient folks to grab those comforters — those business habits that make them feel cozy for the time being.

In my early days as a consultant, I used to simply snatch the blanket away when I saw a client heading towards that place. Now I ease him or her out with warm cocoa. I’ve come to realize that fear of the cold is a real phenomenon. (See below.)

The first scientific research exploration of the comfort zone was back in 1908. In more recent years, brain researchers found that in times of stress, our mental “wiring” reverts to an old and comfortable set of habits. Find yourself retreating there? Here are six reasons to step away from that space (or space heater).

Paralyzed and afraid to change? Because everything is now available online, a website exists called the Comfort Zone Crusher, offering a free 7-Day Comfort Zone Challenge. (I was admittedly afraid to click on the blue box on the site…I guess it was out of my Zone.)

Get out of that zone! Click on the links, below!

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