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SPAM and SPIT: Keep your trash to yourself!

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Stop spreading your garbage around!

SPAM is not only a spreadable luncheon meat (with its own museum!). It’s the ultimate in invasive social media and e-marketing behavior. Like belching or farting at the dinner table, SPAMMING someone’s inbox, or SPITTING  (SPAM over Internet telephony) is simply rude and inconsiderate — an unhealthy to your business in the long run.

China leads the world in SPAM volume, with the U.S. coming in second, according to this site. Seth Godin calls SPAM a “radioactive antitrust device” in his blog.

Rather than relying on satisfied customers to spread the word about ones product, some marketers fall prey to commercial promises to artificially build their databases. In their zeal (or desperation) to grow, they decide to just contact as many strangers as they possibly can, using technology as a bomb, rather than a tool in their marketing efforts.

Web SPAM (or Black Hat SEO) is another form of subversive garbage-spreading. Hire a legitimate SEO expert who will spread your brand the right way — not just stuff keywords into the trashy side of the Internet. Call me please if you need some tips or a referral.

Every week, I have to visit this blog and delete all the comments left by SPAM bots. It’s like cleaning rodent droppings off a kitchen floor. (Yeah, that’s a gross analogy, but that’s what it feels like.)

Over the past 10 years, I’ve grown my e-mail list to more than 4,000 contacts — legitimately. I admit it’s been a slow process. And sometimes I feel unpopular when I take the time to write a blog post and the only comments I get are from the bots, but I’d rather be a lover than a SPAMMER.

Cultivate, nurture, and reward your fans and customers and clients. Don’t beg for love or pay some random company to generate faux traffic to your website.

The only thing you’ll be spreading is ill will.

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