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Rubbing and Stimulating

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What are YOU thinking?! 

This is mostly a business blog! I’m referring to physical therapy and the parallels between athletic healing and recovering from professional downturns. So, if you’re looking for THAT kind of rubbing and stimulating, you’ll just have to find yourself another site, sweety.

In any event…

My meniscus was fraying, according to my physiatrist. (See links for translations if I’ve already lost you.) I am finishing up four weeks of physical therapy at a very cool place in the city. My sessions begin with the aforementioned “rubbing” (to relax the muscle) and ends with electrical stimulation (or stim). I’m always offered a blanket during the 15-minute stim session and, despite the ice and electrical current, I am sometimes able to nap.

So, what does this have to do with your life or business? It’s all about my knee, right?

Actually, no. We all have “injuries” during our time on earth. We sometimes resist seeking out help (as I did for three months, walking around with a knee ache). But once we put ourselves in the hands of experienced people who can diagnose and treat us (metaphorically and literally), we begin to heal.

Whether your injury is a breach of trust, a financial set-back, a key staff member leaving, or any other hurt that gets in the way of your carrying on business as usual, the same basic principles apply.

Healing takes work. I had to commit to showing up, to enduring a little pain, and to washing my gym clothes more often. I didn’t like all the exercises I was told to do. But I just gritted my teeth and hung in. I was determined to get well without surgery. Problems rarely get fixed without a little more suffering along the way.

Stressing about ones pain can be as damaging as the injury itself. So if someone offers you a blanket, take it. A little nap while you’re being stimmed can work wonders!

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