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Binging and Purging

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No, not THAT kind!  I’m not talking about food. I’m not talking about gluttony or eating disorders. I’m talking about those cathartic “binges” that many of us creative types are prone to.

This Independence Day (with Hurricane Arthur lurking around and freaking everyone out) I found myself with absolutely no plans, so I indulged in an artistic/literary binge of sorts. I spent the entire day — from 7am until 3pm — binge-creating. I wrote six different blogs and newsletters, emptying my head of a variety of observations, insights, and creative juices.

Instead of feeling empty or guilty at the end of it, I felt damned good! No fireworks, BBQs, or flag-waving (unless you count my Facebook posts as a form of personal pride). Just a spew of words on a screen. As we get older, our creativity is often stifled by work pressures, deadlines, anxieties, and the people around us. Spending a day “making stuff” is healthy in many ways.

So, the next time you find your day free of Quickbooks, family pressures, work requirements, and other obligations, just sit down with your laptop, tablet, cooking tools, finger paints, fabric, or magic markers (which are probably called “magic” for a reason) and just make something.

It doesn’t need to be beautiful, or profitable, or even all that good. The purge will do you good! And it’s way more fun than a juice fast.

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