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Disgusting Table Manners

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Put your napkin in your lap before you read this.

This month, our theme at theONswitch is food.  We are going to the Fancy Food Show and we are hungry for innovation and new business. The word “consumption” has oh-so-many meanings — at and away from the table.

Some people belch at the table, chew with their mouth’s open, eat off other people’s plates without asking, and are rude to (or under-tip) the service staff. Some people do all of those things all the time.

If someone is a boor at the table, chances are he’s messy in other parts of his life. This isn’t based on a scientific study of eating habits…just a personal Bad Girl theory.

I’m not counting gaffes like spilling ones drink or getting greens or seeds stuck between ones teeth. We all suffer from occasional food sloppiness. Forgive us.

But beware the gluttons and narcissists — at the table, in business, and in life. They’ll give you indigestion. And no one has invented an antacid for the soul yet.

P.S. This is just the first of several food-related posts in July. Yum! After you’ve read it, we hope you’ll be starving for more.

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