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Prison Break

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Sometimes you just have to bust out!

I made a somewhat impulsive decision to flee my office and New York and attend an expo in Chicago. (I was offered a free pass — sort of like release for good behavior.)

My inner warden and guards came up with lots of reasons why I shouldn’t go.

  • Too much work back at the office
  • Perhaps I’d miss something cosmic in New York over those two days
  • The cost of the ¬†flight
  • The hotel wouldn’t have a nice terry bathrobe and cool bath products

But, as many reasons as we all have for self-imposed office incarceration, twice as many reasons exist for leaving the state (penitentiary) every now and then.

  • Travel time enables us to think and write
  • You never know who you might meet (see my Huff-Po article, below)
  • Expos are always great places to learn things about trends

And, although my hotel does NOT in fact have bathrobes or cool bath products, it DOES have a Keurig and a view of the river. I’m not under house arrest and I don’t have to wear an orange jumpsuit. Freedom from my entrepreneurial shackles feels pretty damned good right now.

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