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Hook-ups and Break-ups

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Ah yes…it’s June, the “bridal month…”

…although September is now tied for first place, according to The Knot. (You’ll find lots of other wedding stats there too.)

At least 80% of people will get married in their lifetimes, even though the divorce rate is a whopping 50%.  See the cool infographics below. Although breaking-up sucks for everyone involved, it’s obviously keeping graphic artists employed.

Couplings are not reserved for churches, synagogues, City Halls, and Vegas drive-throughs. Business people often have a need to find collaborative partners as well. Left brains seek right brains. Start-ups seek investors. Managers seek interns.

We all have a need to hook-up in all aspects of our lives. Sometimes these pairings result in awesome things.  (Some of these famous partnerships follow this post.) Sometimes the honeymoon was over pretty quickly (Disastrous mergers, below).

When you pick a partner — in work or in life — choose carefully. Breaking up is hard to do.

BGGB.OkeyDokey-fred The Longest Marriages Ever! (Do you think they still had sex after 91 years?)
BGGB_ShakingHands Famous Business Partnerships
BGGB_Thumbs-Down-fred Disastrous Mergers
BGGB_Pointer Divorce in America (an infographic)
and reasons for break-ups





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