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Role Play

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We’re all living on a bizarre social media planet where many of us seem to have “personal brands.”

Back in the 1980’s, I existed as  “work Nancy*,” wearing power suits with shoulder pads. On weekends I transformed into “play Nancy*” in leggings and spiked-out hair. (It was not a fabulous fashion era.) I was also “Mommy” during those years, often covered in baby puke and finger paints.

Now, in addition to our real life roles, we have various social media personalities. We have the stuff we share with family and friends and the content we reserve for colleagues and clients. I recently redid my Twitter page for my business and my designer asked me “Who do you want to be?”

When did I stop being “just Nancy?”

I suppose we all play various roles throughout our lives, but the public nature of social media forces us to think much harder before we hit that “post” button. As I get older (and presumably wiser), I distinguish less and less between work and play.

It’s what we marketing folks call “brand integration.” It’s what regular human beings call “Who really cares if I let my true personality come out?”


*One requirement of personal branding is that one begins to refer to him/herself in third person.


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