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Factory Reset…Reboot…Erase…De-Tox…Buh Bye!

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was gifting an old laptop to a friend recently. Hitting that button that returns everything to factory settings is a little frightening, but always liberating. I’ve done it with my phone too, and it always provides a great opportunity to remove apps, contacts, and messages. So, in 2017 — along with my move to […]


The 7 Series Part 1: Lucky 7 Gratitudes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Stating the obvious…it’s almost 2017. I’ve always quite liked the number 7 (although the Brad Pitt/Kevin Spacey film was pretty terrifying). Let’s keep things positive and uplifting here, in the spirit of the holiday season. Seven is a great number for many reasons. It’s less daunting than 10 (when you’re making to-do lists), but more […]