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The 7 Series Part 1: Lucky 7 Gratitudes

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Stating the obvious…it’s almost 2017.

I’ve always quite liked the number 7 (although the Brad Pitt/Kevin Spacey film was pretty terrifying). Let’s keep things positive and uplifting here, in the spirit of the holiday season.

Seven is a great number for many reasons. It’s less daunting than 10 (when you’re making to-do lists), but more ambitious than 3 or 5. Here’s a great article on why 7 is a favorite and magic number (or favourite…the article was published in the U.K.).

But enough about 7.

As many of my readers know:

  • I love listicles.
  • I love to ruminate at year’s end about all the good things that happened.
  • I love to plan what I’m going to do next (even though some of it doesn’t happen…we all need to stay flexible and be a little spontaneous).
  • I love to inspire others to do great things.

But enough about me. Here’s a shout-out to the seven people/groups who had a huge impact on me in 2016 and to whom I owe many more than 7 thank yous! I was lucky to have them as part of my life and work this year.

  1. The “body/soul” people. Thanks to Elaine Moen, Mitsy Verdery and DGunzz at Equinox and the crew at Prevention Magazine and trainer Laryssa Didio, I ended the year 20 pounds lighter (and I honestly think a little taller). I also learned to eat cleaner and focus more on my physical health. Keep on lifting, stretching, spinning, and inspiring, people!
  2. The muse. Jim D’Arcangelo (formerly of Booker and currently of When I Work) challenged me to launch sheBOOM and always compels me to do my best work and not settle for anything less than my personal best.
  3. The backbones and uplifters. Bridget Brindley’s and Karla Guadron’s and Nicky Bandklayder’s and Mohna Hoppe’s and Joan Stern’s smiles and humor have gotten me through the darkest days. True friends listen, support, and never judge. They keep you from making mistakes and apologize when they are wrong. Launching a new business venture with Tony Coretto (who I’ve known for many decades) has been a fun trip too! And a HUGE thank you to the entire team of sheBOOM volunteers and supporters!
  4. The social media sage. Mainly a social media friend, Lauren Kraft Greene posts an inspirational quote each morning on her Facebook page and always makes me smile and think. In a year that’s been filled with controversy and sadness, she is a ray of light, even though I have only seen her once or twice IRL in 2016!
  5. The organizers. I moved three times this year. Bless you, Lindsay and Jessica! I never knew clothing could be folded down to the size of an origami bird.
  6. The girls (young and old). My daughters and my mother give me perspective and hugs (literal and remote).
  7. The baby. Yes…it’s true what they say. Having a grandkid changes ones life in many ways. She’s the only person I allow to spit up and poop on me. I’m blessed.

Who’s on YOUR lucky 7 list this year? 


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