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Factory Reset…Reboot…Erase…De-Tox…Buh Bye!

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I was gifting an old laptop to a friend recently.

Hitting that button that returns everything to factory settings is a little frightening, but always liberating. I’ve done it with my phone too, and it always provides a great opportunity to remove apps, contacts, and messages.

So, in 2017 — along with my move to MN — I am restoring myself to factory settings. I have unfriended countless people over the past week (literally and in the digital world) and only leaving on my “heart drive” those people and things that make my life better. Eliminating viruses, old files, useless fonts — and their metaphorical equivalents.

When I left the factory (60 years ago), I was a different version of my current self. Of course, certain aspects of our personalities and energy levels are genetically programmed…but so much stuff is learned over the years — through relationships, interactions, stresses, and even ones geography. We tell ourselves stories to support bad behavior. We apologize and forgive. It’s not working for me anymore on many levels.

Leaving New York is giving me an opportunity to wipe the drive as it were. I know that will be hurtful to some people. But I know that my “device” (brain, body, and soul) will all be better in the long run. Eliminating people, beliefs, communications, and even photos from ones past life can open up room for new experiences and reinvention.

I’m hitting the button now. Peace, out, reboot!


P.S. And because I always like to give my readers a little something extra, here is the history of the eraser — literally.



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