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The 100 Years Club Installment #23: TOO MUCH? 7 Balancing Acts

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Throughout June (when my theme has been “balance,” in case you haven’t figured that out yet), I ruminated on some of the areas in our lives that sometimes get “out of whack.”

We often talk about people as being “too much” of something. What does that really mean?

Like a vitamin deficiency, not having enough of something can lead to ills. And having an abundance of something can be a good thing unless it annoys your loved ones or prevents you from having great experiences throughout your life.

Or, perhaps you’re too much of an asshole and don’t share your talents and riches with others.

So, as my next-t0-last post this month, here are seven areas of balance/imbalance to ponder.

And, as I always do in my blogs, I ask you to contribute your ideas. Because too much of my own thinking can bore even me!

  1. Transparency versus TMI. I love candor, but sometimes over-sharing or sharing in the “wrong” places (in real life or online) can be weird. Know your setting, your audience, and your purpose. And let people who are close to you know the REAL you.
  2. Sloth versus workaholism. Woo hoo! I think I’m getting closer to achieving that balance and have really started learning the value of unplugging and setting clear boundaries.
  3. Sexy versus “suity.” This is a tricky one, especially in light of #1. Women have worked hard over the past decades to be taken seriously in business, government, and life. So, the trend towards nakedness on LinkedIn kinda irks me at times. You can be provocative with your thoughts and not just your cleavage. I confess that I know that sex sells and often experiment with that concept. But the brain and heart are as (if not more) crucial long term in public than the lady parts. Just sayin’.
  4. Self-confident versus self-absorbed. This ties directly to 1 and 3. Count up the number of times you use “you” and “us” in your writing versus “me” and “I.” It’s a good test. And I love seeing your selfies —  just not in EVERY share. An offshoot of this is solitary versus social. Build a community around you that is trustworthy, inclusive, honest (see #1), and helpful and listen to their wisdom.
  5. Cautious versus stuck. This one is especially relevant as we age. Remember, we are writing The Silver Hair Playbook™ together as longevity grows and the definitely of “old” becomes relative. Risk-taking and having adventures can lead to longer, more exciting lives and business opportunities.
  6. Woo-woo versus skeptical. Yeah, I’ve been trying out this manifestation thing, and it actually works sometimes. Grab a crystal and our book, and embrace the wild and weird ride.
  7. Long-form versus short-form. At just shy of 500 words, this post is done. Pithy is one of my favorite words.

Coming up next: A Balanced Diet (3 Days at the Summer Fancy Food Show)




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