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The 100 Years Club Installment #17: Life in Balance or Eternal Whack-a-Mole?

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I’m going to kick off the new month by trying something new in June:

Writing shorter posts more frequently.

You may tire of seeing me pop up, ruminate, and offer life and work advice.

I’ve lived several lives by now — C-level executive, mother, entrepreneur, marketing tech consultant, writer, and speaker. And I’m part of that first generation of people who will probably live to be 100 and do many cool things. I also know a lot of stuff, some of which is actually useful.

I love to write, and I get frequent comments, which leads me to believe that you’re reading them, or at least skimming them. Or maybe just looking at the pix.

Why is balance my theme?

  • Summer is here. I’m in a phase of my life I call my Pretirement,™. That means that I’m tired of being other people’s bitch or girl-servant but definitely not ready to stop working. I am super-efficient and can get my work done relatively quickly, so I can balance work and play and do stuff I couldn’t do during other life phases.
  • Balance is kind of a misnomer, however. Shit happens in our lives, and everything spins out of control for a while — health, family, and work issues. We go into crisis management mode, kinda like the arcade game.
  • When we are imbalanced, ignoring our own well-being to do other things that we really don’t need to do, it affects our mood and, ultimately, even our longevity.

And, because I did say I am keeping it short, I’m stopping at a smidge below 300 words and giving you more time to balance your life (or to pick up that mole-catching mallet again).



  1. Well, yeah. And today of course is the day I am savoring long posts. But usually, you’re right. My attention span is becoming that of a millenial. If only I could post short more often! Maybe you have inspired me.

    1. I don’t think attention span is age-related. It’s how our brains are wired. I’ve always been a short form babe! 🙂


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