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March: When Bots & Bodies™ Collide

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March is also a month when lions and lambs co-exist. 

But I opined about pigs last month and I don’t want my readers to think I only write about animals.

In fact, I’m very focused these days on humans — how we interact with technology, how we treat each other, and what we’re consumed with.

The “theme” of March seems to be DUETS —  disparate combos of things that don’t typically go together naturally — like lions and lambs and robots and humans.

Life and business are full of these quirky couplings. Would you have ever cast Lady Gaga with Bradley Cooper? Or imagined Tony Bennett with Elvis Costello? The other night, one of my fave 1980s films “Working Girl” was on TV. The heroine succeeds because she makes seemingly random connections between data elements. (You can watch the clip at the end of this post.)

So, here are the duets I encountered in March.

  • Bots & Bodies: I gave a presentation this month at DisruptHR Phoenix about how our workforce is changing. It was called “The Grey Hair & The Robot: Coming Soon to a Business Near You.” If you’d like to see it, please get in touch.
  • Arts & Science: STEM, STEM everywhere. But what about STEAM? (The A stands for art and is also ironically my middle initial.) We need to keep it alive and stop obsessing over coding and start honoring creativity too. Arizona is filled with art, even on the highways. It’s not all pictures of cowboys. You should visit this summer. You wouldn’t necessarily think of “Arizona” and “Summer” together, but you’ll find some amazing deals that time of year and spend hours in pools, spas, restaurants, and museums. Tech is booming here too.
  • Analog and Digital: I’m grateful to those clients who are still willing to invest in quality content, produced by professional marketers. This month, I consolidated all my writings into a little “Flipsnack.”  I have a print version too, because sometimes paper and digital need to co-exist.
  • Woo-Woo and Ka-Ching. By this, I mean the intersection between karma and commerce. I sometimes find myself in random places that ultimately lead to new business. Or, by staying in touch with people from years past, new doors open. As my colleague, Seti Gershberg from Eliances says, “Put yourself in front of the vibrational freight train.” Trust me. It feels good even when it runs you over. For example, this month:
    • I signed on as a brand ambassador for Sendoso. Let’s face it…getting a personalized note or a gift is WAY better than getting a random note on LinkedIn when someone is looking to “woo” you for a business relationship.  Sendoso totally automated and streamlined the gift-giving and note-writing process, without losing the personal touch. (In some ways, it’s the perfect Bot/Body integration!) I met the company last year at a conference, wrote about them in and then reconnected with them when they opened an office in Arizona. Karma!
    • My gig at Catersource resulted from a relationship I built 15 years ago in my past job life.
    • I attended a cool and unique executive business soiree, hosted by Andrew Kolikoff (a fellow New Yorker cowboy) who I met by chance at an Arizona Tech Council event. Remember, value is not always the next job. Sometimes it’s just learning something new or getting recommendations for restaurants or reading or apps.
    • I had breakfast with my former editor Rob Levin. He’s starting a new business called Work Better Now, placing virtual assistants with SMBs. I am helping them building awareness. Check it out and be sure to either use the code “nunu” and/or mention my name when you contact him. You’ll get a price break!

I could go on and on about how the universe “smooshes” things together sometimes. Or strange business bedfellows can become highly profitable ventures.

If you Google “iconic duos” you’ll find a wide variety of pairings that truly work. So, think about how your own partnerships, duets, and other random connections may result in something terrific.

And start lying down with that lion (or the lamb).



  1. It is incredible how things happen! Romance everyone is what I always say because you never know when they may pop up in your life again! I am always surprised when people are rude or condescending in the work force or in life, then contact you for a “Favor”.

  2. As a writer of blogs, novels and liver of life, I believe in an open mind for most things. And in my current novel, my MC needs to be open to anyone who can help her. This is a standard for life. But when the hairs rise on the back of your neck, you know to step away.

  3. Alana Lipson

    This is a great article, Nancy. I’m also a big believer in the universe ‘smooshing’ things together (right time, right place sort of thing). Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  4. I love learning about new-to-me tech! Flipsnack was one of those things so will be checking it out. Thanks for that. Btw, your recap was pretty inspiring. Sometimes things just smoosh together really well and we can bask in the glow of the “vibrational freight train.” =)


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