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Slow Down…You Move Too Fast!

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And yes, I’m feeling groovy.*

I’m not just rationalizing my move from New York. (Well, maybe a little!) Even WebMD says that slowing down is good for ones health.

I realized this weekend that although I’m moving as quickly as ever at work (maybe even speedier because I’m consulting to a high-growth company), I’m starting to alter my pace when I leave the office — and that’s a good thing.

A life-long New Yorker, I’m used to rushing. Even baristas in NYC are trained to apologize if they have to make a pour-over (which takes all of five minutes). Walking to and from work was like trying-out for the roller derby.

But outside that environment, I’m learning to breathe again…to be patient…to wait my turn.

I recently discovered (by taking the time to read the local news) that a “Slow Movement” exists.

Certain slow things are not good (or even dangerous), such as:

  • A slow economy
  • A slow Uber driver, when you’re late for an appointment
  • Slow motion when a train is coming
  • Being slow to adapt new trends when your competitor is breathing down your neck

But lots of slow things are terrific, like:

  • Slow analysis (but fast action) when making huge decisions
  • Slow dancing and slow kisses
  • Slow food
  • Slow motion when reviewing sports videos, so players know what moves to avoid next time

We might actually live longer and enjoy life more if we slow down just enough in life to smell the roses, listen to sights and sounds and the perspectives of the people around you, and wait for that perfect cup of coffee!

*Headline is reference to an old Simon & Garfunkel tune, for those readers of a different era.



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