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What Did You Read in 2016? The Top 10…From Narcissism to Booze to Pain to Nana-hood

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Hmmmm…the final post of 2016. 

And perhaps the final post on this laptop. It’s dying a slow death so I may splurge on a new “content machine” for 2017.

I wrote more than 150 pieces this year (not counting the ones I contributed to other sites, including Huffington Post, Nightclub & Bar, Mogul, and my newest “baby” (sheBOOM). What I love most about this new era of content is that we can actually measure what engages readers. My inner math geek revels in analyzing the data. So, before that ball drops tonight, I decided to look at my “top 10” of 2016. It was an interesting mix.

Here’s the countdown (in reverse order).

#10: When Businesses Hurt. This proves out something I learned from sheBOOM. People like to read about pain. It hurts so good

#9: Top 10 Countdown/Female Founder Fabulousness. Ah yes…the old countdown strategy. Let’s do it again!

#8: Where Did You Go? This piece was about Snap (aka Snapchat). We’re all scratching our heads, going “I don’t reallly get it.” I hope you were a little wiser after reading this one.

#7: Branding & Bad Behavior. Not sure which of those two words drew you in.

#6: Summer Interns/The Good, Bad, and (Occasionally) Ugly. As long as we have interns, we’ll have something to say about this. (And I’m sure they have something to say about us too!)

#5: Community: The Way it Used to Be. Yeah…the world is moving really quickly and, as much as we’re digitally connected, we’re sorta disconnected. Good to hear that other people miss a little bit of the past.

#4: Swipe Right: How to Hire the Best People. Tinder & Talent…seems to be a winning combo in subject lines.

#3: Disrupting Grandmotherhood. I’m not big on sharing personal stories and intimate feelings. But when I do, my readership soars. I became a nana in 2016. It happens to women every day. But I guess my feminist slant on it struck a chord. The word “disrupt” was hot in 2016 too. Or people just like babies. Or all of that.

#2: Thirst for Knowledge. It was a recap of my visit to the Nightclub & Bar Show. We clearly like to belly up to the bar.

#1: How to Be Pitch Perfect/PR for the Digital Era. This one never ceases to amaze. As much as I write about technology, trends, talent, or other business topics, everyone still seems to really want to know how to get themselves into someone else’s content — especially big media. We love those eyeballs and Google cred. By the way, if you ever want to get yourself into my content, just send me an intelligent and compelling pitch. I’m always looking for cool new stories.

I deliberatelly didn’t include links to any of these posts. Consider it a content scavenger hunt. Feel free to cruise around  and read whatever appeals to YOU. And please subscribe if you’d like to get my stuff as soon as it goes live. I’d also be super-grateful if you sign up for my monthly e-zine. (I swear it’s not SPAMy or cheesy.) If you need any content for your business (website, blog, e-marketing, PR, social media, or all of the above), let’s talk. I do this stuff for a living too, in case you were wondering.

Enough pitching myself in the digital era. Have an awesome New Year and hope to see you reading and clicking in 2017!



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