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Where is the love? (120 Things: Part Deux)

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I received an interesting comment on my February 10th post…

The post was a list of 120 things I had learned over the past 60 years. Because I’m a bit of a digital geek and I’m trying to build a fan following before I publish my next book, I had boosted the post on Facebook. A random stranger wrote, “Where is love?”

I searched the list and discovered that it was, in fact, referenced in #17.  It was only on the list once. “Believe in love.” Perhaps I was thinking mostly of business at the time. Or perhaps I just take love for granted because passion is so much a part of everything I’ve done in my life and work.

But tomorrow IS Valentine’s Day and I don’t want to be perceived as a cold, heartless, blogging bitch, so here’s a list of love…60 more things I’ve learned in the last 60 years. I’m certainly not a love or relationship guru. Sometimes I feel I know way more about SEO and WordPress than I do about love. Or maybe I just keep my heart inside my body most of the time.

Although LinkedIn blogs are called “Pulse,” they often don’t have one. So, I’m going to spew my heart all over the web today. Love it or leave it. Feel free to comment on it or contribute to it. And have a Valentine’s Day full of heart and soul!

Again, in alphabetical order…limited to three words or less.

  1. Accept love
  2. Apologize
  3. Ask questions
  4. Be committed
  5. Be kind
  6. Be loyal
  7. Be mushy
  8. Be surprised
  9. Be yourself
  10. Build traditions
  11. Communicate
  12. Dance together
  13. Don’t fester
  14. Don’t nag
  15. Embrace change
  16. Endure
  17. Experiment
  18. Fall hard
  19. Fall smart
  20. Feed each other
  21. Fight fair
  22. Fight well
  23. Give little gifts
  24. Give unconditionally
  25. Give your love
  26. Hang in
  27. Have a song
  28. Have inside jokes
  29. Hearts break
  30. Hearts heal
  31. Kiss often
  32. Kiss well
  33. Listen
  34. Love eternally
  35. Love is painful
  36. (But worth it)
  37. Love is strange
  38. Love is unexpected
  39. Love old people
  40. Love over money
  41. Love the needy
  42. Love unconditionally
  43. Love your girlfriends
  44. Love your kids
  45. (And other people’s)
  46. Love your pets
  47. (Ditto)
  48. Love your work
  49. Love yourself too
  50. Remember occasions
  51. (And celebrate them)
  52. Respect others
  53. Respect yourself too
  54. Speak up
  55. Stay home together
  56. Tolerate snoring
  57. Touch often
  58. Travel together
  59. Trust your heart
  60. Wait for love


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  1. LOVE this list – thanks for sharing your thoughtful insights today. #60 is my favorite!

    Happy Valentine’s day!


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