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Can’t we just let it snow?

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The meteorologist seems to be the new rock star.

He (or she) predicts a storm and the report sets off a chain reaction, in both the conventional (TV/radio) and digital (web) world. The media pounces on it immediately. Last night, I saw this article about the impending snow storm on the east coast. Although we can’t control the weather, we seem to be doing a damned fine job of analyzing it. A Google search for “New York Snow 2016” prompts a full page of alarmist posts, with the word “threat” being used multiple times.

That, in turn, prompts a chain reaction of sorts:

  1. People talk constantly about the weather, managing to weave it into any conversation. I’m guilty of it too. We all start to sound like farm people, worrying about whether the freeze will affect our crops, rather than urban dwellers who might have to stay home with our electronic devices (see #2). I wonder if the stress level is worse than the storm danger.
  2. Because we are all so over-scheduled and compulsive, we immediately start figuring out Plan B in case we are snowed-out of meetings. The fear of losing control creates even more anxiety.
  3. The forecast has an impact on retail. People run out to stock up on milk and bread (or dairy-free or gluten-free varieties), salt for their driveways, batteries, and other assorted perceived necessities. But that, sadly, doesn’t make up for how a really big blizzard can affect the economy.

I’m not particularly worried about all of this. Perhaps it’s because I lived through the surprise blizzard of 1969. Although it totally screwed up my birthday party and thickened John Lindsay’s skin, it was an adventure. I got to stay home from school, build snowmen, and eat mushroom soup and grilled cheese (long before we knew fat and dairy could be as dangerous as a blizzard).

Of course, human safety is a real concern. But for those of you who are freaking out about a lot of white stuff coming your way, please just try to chill (pun intended). You can take advantage of technology to order your bread and milk (and other perceived and real necessities) online. Maybe throw in an old fashioned board game, in case you lose power. And, channel your planning skills into designing your snowman. Here’s some inspiration.

What are YOU doing with your snow days?

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What boots?




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