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“How can I help you?”

Those are the five most important words in business. In the 12 years since I founded theONswitch I’ve discovered that in work, as in life, one encounters people who are always willing to invest their time, their perspective, and their wisdom. And others are always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

As we approach the end of 2015, I want to focus on and thank the first group. All of you…individually and collectively. Here are the 10 things — and types of people — I’m most grateful for in 2015.

  1. Most recently — thank you Geir for staying up until 2am one day last week to help me get a client video finished, keeping your smile throughout a stressful time. I’ve worked with other creative professionals too (Tim, Richie, Paul, Jackson, and others) who know how to translate my (sometimes wacky) ideas into pictures and html. You’re the best!
  2. I appreciate all my  clients who allow me to innovative and who entrust their brands and marketing to me! And thanks to Justyna and Kristyn who balance out my Boomer views with Millennial perspectives.
  3. I will be eternally grateful to my grade school, high school, and college writing teachers — Mrs. Levy, Mr. Waters, Mr. Edson, Pat Sharpe, and countless others. And my mom who schlepped me to libraries and book stores. Little did they know they were really training me to become a blogger, Tweeter, Instagrammer, and content marketer.
  4. I’m grateful for USEFUL technology — the kind that helps me to work more efficiently, laugh when I’m having a tough day, read and research, create, and (best of all) stay in touch with people I don’t see often.
  5. As many of you know, I went through some tough stuff this year. Those of you (real friends, not just the Facebook variety) who called to check in on me and gave me hugs (without my even asking for them) will always be in my inner circle.
  6. Whenever I get a call or e-mail that I’ve been invited to teach a workshop (thank you Marsha and Ashley!) or an article that I’ve written has been submitted for publication, I still feel a little cerebral tingle. Thank you editors and conference organizers. (I admit…I’m especially partial to the ones who actually pay me to do it in this era of “free content.”)
  7. Two of the awesome men I worked for in my past corporate life just wrote me recommendations for graduate school. Thanks guys! And I will be eternally grateful to Lisa of Inspirica who totally calmed me down when I thought I needed to take the GRE. Taking a practice test after 30+ years was quite the experience. (I did better than expected, but I’m relieved I don’t have to figure out the distance between two points, do word-pairings, or write with a #2 pencil again in my lifetime.) Rule-breakers don’t do well with standardized tests.
  8. Speaking of rule-breaking, I couldn’t run my business without the lawyers and financial professionals who keep me in check and ensure that I follow protocol when necessary.
  9. Ah yes…health. Of course it shouldn’t be #9. It should be #1. Always. The people who keep my body functioning properly and make sure my family and friends are well are my heroes.
  10. Last — and perhaps most important — I’m truly grateful to the people in my life who inspire me, make me smile, and help my brain and heart get bigger (through your insights and perspectives and challenges). The givers in the world also allow me to continue to believe in the good in people. I hope I’ve given enough back to all of you this year too.

So, allow me this moment of mush and heartfelt gratitude before I return to my usual snarky posts. Consider yourself hugged, tagged, blessed, and thanked. On Thanksgiving 2015 and always!

How can I help YOU in 2016 and beyond?




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