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Content Overload (Don’t Read This Post!)

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It was one of 2015’s marketing buzzwords. Now that everyone has access to the same apps and technology 24/7/365, businesses and brands suddenly realized “Duh…now that I have all this media at my disposal, what am I going to post/write/blog about?” It’s pretty amusing, actually. Everyone was so consumed by the media that they forgot about the message.

And so then, these businesses started loading up on content. Because people are eager to build their businesses and personal brands, many of them started providing FREE content. “Oh goody…I’m going to get my name on the web, boost my SEO, and become a rockstar/guru/ninja/maven!” many folks think. Then media outlets realized, “Oh goody…we don’t have to pay for content because all these “professionals” out there are willing to just give it away.”

So, now we’re entering the phase of content overload. We’re all blogging, contributing, posting on LinkedIn, and  repurposing content. Hell, why don’t we all just write books too? It’s so easy these days! And now let’s shoot movies about ourselves. We’re all celebrities in our own heads. We’re linking to other people’s content too. So we can borrow rather than invent.

When will the season of dis-content begin? (I couldn’t resist the pun.) Like the direct mail glut or the SPAM explosion, the insanity will ultimately subside.

Quality content may win out over quantity content. And real writers may actually get paid by the word on a regular basis again.

In the meantime, here’s another contribution to the content pile! And yes, I’m going to repurpose it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And hmmm…maybe I should buy a tripod and read it out loud in front of a camera too! (If you’re still reading it, you obviously ignored my headline, or it was just so provocative you couldn’t resist!)



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