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Strip Down!

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We Love Less!

Continuing on our February series of things we’re passionate about…

We at theONswitch are all about the mini these days. The mini office…the minimum amount of paper in that office…meetings that end within an hour.

Less is the new more.

Bigger isn't always better!

Bigger isn’t always better!

I (Nancy) grew up in an era where bigger was better…giant offices with lots of file cabinets and furniture…big shoulder pads…big lunches (with big martinis).

But now we have:

  • Co-working (which entails sitting so close to people I can sometimes hear them breathe, but it also leads to collaboration and community here at WeWork Bryant Park).
  • Cloud. No need for lots of paper, because we can access all our stuff from Google Docs, Basecamp, and our e-mail server.
  • Concise Content & Communication. Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Memes, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other short-form media enable us share the moment or the thought. I have mixed feelings about this one. Sometimes a little expression and elaboration is a good thing. But these media challenge me to say something in 6 seconds or 140 characters, which is an art in itself. Anyone can drone. Not everyone can amuse in a meme.

We have decluttered our space and our lives and, hopefully, we will be better able to see and experience the truly important stuff. Including  big martinis. We still like those.

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