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February is the month of love

And all month long I’ll be blogging about things that people are passionate about. Because this is a business blog, it’s all about the things we love that keep us getting up in the morning and looking forward to work.

What did you THINK I was talking about?

Sadly, too many people go through their workdays without any passion for what they do.

We spend a lot of time at work. People in North Dakota spend the most, according to this chart. And although I’m sure some corrections officers love their jobs, the vocation is listed as one of the 10 Worst Jobs in America. Some jobs may even kill you, according to this article.

I was never in physical peril at a job, but I was dying inside at one point when I worked in the corporate world. So, I took out a blank sheet of paper and labeled the top, “Things I Love.” I made a list of all of the things I liked to do that made me truly happy in life and at work. Then, I wrote on the back, “Things That I Despise.” I realized that my job entailed too many of things on the back and not enough of the things on the front.

That ultimately led to a career change (from financial services to the trade show world) and then, eventually, to an entrepreneurial venture. It didn’t happen overnight. But being able to pinpoint what I love was the first step.

Twelve years later, I’m still wildly passionate about what I do.

So, if you’re not loving your job, think about making that list. Everyone should get some…happiness at work, that is!




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