Bad Girl, Good Business

Reefer and Retail Madness

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Prohibition has ended in Colorado!

I spent a fun and educational weekend in Denver, learning first-hand what happens in a state when a ban on contraband has been lifted and new business opportunities are birthed.

Americans have always had a love-hate relationship with controlled substances and, believe it or not, the repeal of alcohol prohibition nationwide didn’t really take hold until 1966, when Mississippi ceased to be a dry state.

As an entrepreneur with a long career in retail marketing, I was blown away to see for myself how a state’s entrepreneurs (and the gold rush of folks from out east) have quickly and creatively responded to new product opportunities. The media and app developers have jumped on board, and you can even download an app to find a map of dispensaries (medical and recreational).

The lifting of the ban may result in as much as $100 million in tax revenue, 10,000 new jobs, and a decrease in crime. Of course, every industry has to have its own trade shows and conferences too! For example, Big Industry Show (U.S. Cannibis Cup), the National Marijuana Business Conference, and several others have sprouted up like weeds.

The English major nerd in me compelled me to study-up on the cool kids’ cannabis glossary. I have a budding new lexicon of terms.

Consumers have always had their vices. Americans will always figure out ways to convert passions and prohibitions into profits!

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