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I’m sorry!

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Today’s post is about forgiveness.

And yes, I have been given special permission by a higher power to blog on Yom Kippur, because this piece of writing deals with atonement. This holiday is the Jew’s efficient way of dealing with sin (a relative term), anger, and human frailty. We fast and (in addition to thinking about how hungry and cranky we are at times), we review the moments over the past year when we slipped up (or were simply oblivious) and did stupid, hurtful, self-destructive, and other nasty things that we will try not to do again the following year.

This is a public apology to anyone I have wronged. I try to apologize to you individually year-round but, like many other human beings,  I am not always self-aware.

When I was a kid, my favorite part of Yom Kippur (aside from eating lox and bagels for dinner) was reciting a particular prayer — the Al Chet. In case one was in doubt about what a sin is and what needed to be forgiven, this snappy little list gave us a guide to the categories of human malfunctions. And then, at the end of the day a man blew the Shofar, the sound of which is described as sort of a primal scream. (I’d never heard that definition before, but it’s bonus reason #11 in this handy-dandy overview of Shofar-blowing.)

I’m no longer a huge fan of organized religion, but I belong to a cool online community (see links, below). I can go to temple in my PJs and bare feet and chat during the services with other like-minded people.

So, regardless of our spiritual beliefs, we should attempt to keep a little Yom Kippur in our heads all year round. Reflect on what you may do in your life and your relationships that causes pain (to yourself and others) and in the words of that overplayed Disney tune (which may, unfortunately, now get stuck in your head today…I apologize for that in advance), “Let it go!”

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