Bad Girl, Good Business

Teacher’s Pet…or Class Clown?

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Kids are settled back in school…

…and adults are settled back at work. We’ve traded in flip-flops for boots and are hunkering down in our offices and getting stuff accomplished.

What else have you done in the past three weeks to get a solid start on the new “semester?” I’ve been catching up on reading (both for business and pleasure) and teaching myself some new tech skills. I launched a fresh weekly e-blast, lined up a couple of speaking gigs and wrote new business proposals. I made some new “after-school” friends and made plans for cocktails and dinner (which sure beats milk and cookies). I’ve even made a point of not cutting gym class, working out at least three times a week.

Even if you’ve started to slack-off and flunk out, you have time to get back on track before the year ends. Just set a few simple goals and stick to them. Avoid the delinquent crowd and adopt better study habits.

After all, who wants to be the business dunce?

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