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Making Change: Kindness & Karma

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This was just another Monday AM…

But sometimes magical happens. I stopped at the Rite Aid in Grand Central and while paying for my gum, I accidentally spilled the entire contents of the change section of my wallet all over the counter. Expecting to get a dirty look and exasperated moan from the cashier, I hurried to stuff it back in.

A look of excitement spread over the cashier’s face, “Quick…there’s no one behind you!” she exclaimed. “Do you want bills?” I nodded my head, still recovering from the embarrassment of my klutziness. “Let’s do this!” she ordered me. “I want to keep the quarters though,” I said. “No problem dear!” was her response, as she rapidly began totaling up my dimes, nickels, and pennies. Within 60 seconds, working with my co-conspirator, I had three fresh dollar bills in my hand and a wallet that was at least a pound lighter…not to mention a cache of quarters for various parking meters. And she had more change in her drawer, which saved her time and aggravation.

Was this a life-changing event? Hardly. But it was a simple and unexpected Monday moment of mutual problem-solving and teamwork.

As I was walking out, I heard a familiar voice. Seth Godin was standing next to me. I said hi and told him the story. His blogs and speaking style are my inspiration. His website says Go. Make something happen.

It was an amazing morning. I know this will be a different kind of week! I already made something else happen. I added the tags “karma,” “problem-solving,” and “random acts of kindness” to this blog.


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  1. seth godin

    Love this. Thanks for sharing!


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