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Are you Un-App-etizing?

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Our devices are getting bloated.

And we may be going blind. I heard this fact on the radio the other day…

“Only about 35% of smartphone users download any apps at all in an average month, says Comscore’s Mobile App Report—put another way, 65% of smartphone users don’t download a single app in any given month.”

Are we finally getting too stuffed with digital “treats?” Do we really need an app for everything? What happened to notepads, calculators, board games, and low-tech organizers and amusements?

For all you business owners who think you need an app, be sure to ask yourself first:

  • Is my target market tech-savvy?
  • Will the app actually make my customers’ lives easier? Save time? Save money? Entertain? Improve their existence in a meaningful way?
  • Does the app development company really understand my business (rather than just wanting to create something cool).

And if you’re a consumer, think before you download. Will the app really do something amazing that you can’t do in the “real world” just as well?

Plus, we may be ruining our eyes with this high-app digital diet, according to the Vision Council. (Not to mention that one day someone will discover that our fingers have all gotten fatter from swiping and tapping.)

BGGB.OkeyDokey-fred This app is truly amazing (saves time and you won’t be harrassed by costumed characters in Times Square!
BGGB_ShakingHands You can LinkIn and friend and follow OR meet people in the real world!
 BGGB_Thumbs-Down-fred  We love Monty Python and a silly walk, but do we really need this app?
BGGB_Pointer This is one of our fave apps. It makes us smarter.



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