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Who will you be this semester?

The start of the school year was always a chance for us to re-invent our personal styles and attributes.

We shopped for the perfect book bag, lunch box,loose leaf binder, knee socks, and hairstyle. We returned to class, eager to see who was there and who got taller, thinner, or cooler over the summer.

Although the term “personal branding” had yet to be coined, we were living the concept — using the summer break as an excuse for transformation.

So, here’s a question for my adult “classmates” — what’s your back-to-school persona going to be? Beyond your appearance (tan, new haircut, or leaner body perhaps) here are ten ways you can start September better than last semester:

  1. Get more sleep. You’ll live longer and stress less, according to this infographic.
  2. Pack a healthy lunch box. Good eating habits give you more energy and focus. Here are five tips.
  3. Hone your homework habits. Spend at least an hour each night reading or improving some skill (technology, cultural savvy, etc.)
  4. Perfect your posture. Be mindful of how you’re sitting at your desk. Here’s how.
  5. Be the popular kid. Help others when they face business challenges.
  6. Socialize. Join a new networking or advisory group — online or in the real world. Sitting alone at the lunch table won’t help your business prosper.
  7. Engage in extra-curricular activities. Spend time after work giving back to a non-profit, exercise, or do something to improve the lives or others or your own life. Learn something new and cool, unrelated to your “major.” Not only will you feel challenged, but you’ll meet new people. (See #6)
  8. Clean-up your desk. Organizing your work space is a great way to start new business habits. In addition to de-cluttering your personal physical space, seek out collaborative work space concepts. (We have our offices at WeWork and love the vibe!)
  9. Talk to a guidance counselor. We all need business help from time to time. Finding the right mentors can lead to new ideas and ways to streamline/grow your operation.
  10. Plan a field trip. Trade shows, conferences, and workshops abound this time of year. Getting out of your office and absorbing new insights from within or outside your industry can give your business a boost.

If, by October, you find yourself slacking off or falling into old routines, simply write on the blackboard (or iPad) 100 times “I will go to the top of my class this year.” It’ll be better than detention or being sent to the Principal.My new fall hairstyle

NOTE: Changing ones physical appearance and attitude can also give you a post-Labor day boost. I confess…I changed my hairstyle this fall. (I hope the popular kids notice!)

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