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August is here.

The temps in New York hit a high of 81 degrees, but gradually fall as the month goes on. Although August is also viewed as a big vacation month for many, almost 1-in-4 Americans do not receive any paid vacation. Pretty sad, right?

People around me are constantly saying, “The summer is almost over,” which I find terribly depressing. They are implying that all fun will instantly stop at Labor Day and we’ll all be wearing parkas and shopping for Xmas and Hanukkah presents.

I’m savoring every single one of the final days of summer (which doesn’t officially end as a season until September 21st). I enjoy the outdoors, use quiet and slow times to reflect on various business and personal stuff (and catch up on writing) and make plans for the fall season.

Back in grade school, we began the new semester by writing an essay entitled “What I did on my summer vacation.” I think about what I would write if I had to write that essay today and I make sure every one of the 31 days of August counts.

And remember, summer can be endless in your head. Just think about warm and relaxing things!

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