Bad Girl, Good Business

Full Moon Madness

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Have you ever been the victim of full moon insanity?

This month’s theme is “unplugging” I’ve been writing about digital de-tox, stepping out of the office, and escaping reality for a little while.

I should learn to practice what I preach.

This past week, I had what I call a “Lon Chaney Jr.” moment,” when I transform rapidly from woman to wolf…from babe to bitch. Growing proverbial fangs and unkempt hair was a result of a combination of professional and personal pressures, combined with lack of exercise (due to a knee injury), a lingering case of laryngitis, and lousy sleep habits.

I snapped and growled at the people around me, leaving a bloody trail (not literally…otherwise I’d be writing from prison).

So, rather than asking a friend to lock me inside, I fled to the beach for five days, with my aptly-named Yoga 2 Pro in hand. I’m working on catching up on writing, new business proposals, client work, and drinking martinis with friends. Sea air, reflection, creativity and vodka soothe the savage beast. And I even plan to look at the full moon tonight. A little howling is good for the soul.

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