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The Wild & Weird Adventures of Scooter Girl: The Final Installment (10 Lessons from 50+ Days of Disability)

Reading Time: 3 minutes As I typed the title, I stared at the word “disability.” Who is a disabled person? The ADA definition is “a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.” I guess I qualified for that, as of November 1st. But what constitutes a MAJOR life activity? […]


The Wild & Weird Adventures of Scooter Girl: Installment 7 (TOE YOGA)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Physical therapy has begun!  I’m driving again.  I even did a round-trip (4-hour) journey to Tucson, to start cleaning out my mother’s house. No more boot, although I may wear it one last time for an upcoming trip to Houston. According to my physical therapist at ATI (Brittany), it’s prudent. I’m not complaining, because it […]