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Route 66 Installment #24: Be a June Bug

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New month…new theme.

But why an insect?

In the past, our June content has either focused on graduation season or on weddings (literal and metaphorical).  But education is now a year-round (and online) process and the fall is now the most popular wedding season.

So, as I was wandering around the web, looking for a seasonal theme for the sixth month of 2022, I happened upon the June bug, also known as the June beetle (Phyllophaga genus, for those of you science geeks).

June bugs comprise as many as 800 species of beetles, but most of them have these traits, many of which apply to some humans too. They have:

  • Shiny shells. Your brand today must be eye-catching, compelling, and resilient to survive. But what’simpossiblethings 90s weird books surreal GIF underneath that shell is critically important too.
  • Very brief lifespans. Every day must count, so limit the time you (as a human) spend under the dirt and enjoy the proverbial sun.
  • A strong attraction to light. Surround yourself with people and things that bring you joy and make you smarter and prosperous in all ways.
  • Enemies, because they are a high source of protein for both animals and humans (who apparently add them to biscuits and salads — EWWW!) Don’t let toxic people get to you.
  • Ties to ancient scarabs. Despite environmental shifts, they are timeless. Trends come and go but strong, visionary, and agile beings and ideas last for centuries.

And, June bugs can fly. Just as these little critters venture off in search of food, we must never stop soaring in search of new learning, inspiration, and sustenance.

That said, I’m jetting off next week to feed my brain and soul on the east coast.

Watch for this June bug’s next “Route 66 adventure.”

Virtual Reality Brazil GIF by biancakennedy



  1. Love this analogy. I’ll channel the June bug in me this June. The shiny and timeless parts. 😉

  2. Huh. as a minor bug-o-phob, I never would have thought of this analogy. But it’s SO perfect! Here’s to the June Bug in all of us!


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